Metropolitan Swabou Clean up Katutura Streets

12 Mar 2018

Namibia currently finds itself battling with water borne diseases such as Hepatitis E and Cholera. The Ministry of Health and Social services (MOHSS) has declared an outbreak of the Hepatitis E disease as well as Cholera in Windhoek. MOHSS has reported 899 cases of Hepatitis E and 8 deaths in Windhoek. There has been one reported case of Cholera which officials say constitutes an outbreak.

Metropolitan Swabou observed how integrated these outbreaks are to the lack of cleanliness and sanitation. Therefore, the company embarked on a cleanup campaign with the Community Hope Primary School in Katutura Windhoek which took place on Friday 02 March 2018. They did so by reacting to a call made by government to the private sector to join hands in order to help government in its efforts to manage waste around the city as well as fight diseases caused by unhygienic environments. In previous years the City of Windhoek has been known as the cleanest city in Africa but that has sadly changed as the number one spot was taken over by the City of Kigali the capital city of Rwanda. 

Present at the event and key note speaker Councillor of the City of Windhoek, Honourable Agatha Iiyambo-Ashilelo who mentioned that “it is exactly for this reason that we are intensifying the clean-up campaigns, with the aim to clean our city, so that we create no conducive environment for these diseases to occur”.

The councillor also encouraged learners at the event to intensify efforts to maintain a clean environment by picking up papers around them, by dumbing rubbish only at designated spots and by disseminating the message to others whom they may come across dumbing rubbish anywhere.

Mr. Vido Tjozongoro representative from Metropolitan Swabou who also spoke at the event encouraged learners to always wash their hands properly and to ensure that personal hygiene is always maintained at the highest levels. 

Metropolitan Swabou also donated items to the school at this event to help them further ensure cleanliness of all the learners.  


Issued by: Oxygen Communications

On behalf of Metropolitan Swabou 

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