Education Provider

The Education Provider Plus is a unit linked investment product that assists parents in saving for a child’s education. It provides a lump sum benefit on maturity, optional funeral cover on the child’s life as well as optional accidental disability cover on the child.
Minimum Premium
• N$ 150 per month
• N$ 1,800.00 per annum
• N$ 25,000.00 single premium
Investment Terms
• Minimum terms – 10 years
• Maximum terms – 20 years, subject to a
maximum expiry age of 25 of the life assured
Entry age
• Minimum entry age – 0 last birthday
• Maximum entry age – 15 last birthday
Automatic Inflation Management Benefit (AIM)
If you add AIM to your policy, your premium automatically increases by 5%, 10% or 15% each year to keep up with inflation. Without an annual increase, the money you put away now, may be insufficent in a few years’ time.


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